Tuesday, March 26, 2019

A trip to the mall (SOL 19)

     My family and I went to the mall on Saturday. We got there at about six. We did our usual shop as we did every week end. When I was done with my shopping, I went to go meet up with my mom, who was at the phone shop. As we looked around a police officer came and and told us that the mall was going to close and told us all to leave. I looked at my mom in confusion and in hope of guidenss. We got out of there. We met up with my dad and my little sister and got out of there. On the way home my mom and dad were talking about how they saw people in handcuffs and being taken away by cops.

Friday, March 22, 2019


I really like fridays, mainly because of the weekend that comes after it. Just knowing that I don’t really need to worry about school and to be able to get it off my mind, really puts me at ease. This weekend my mom and I are going to go shopping. We didn’t go in the last two weekends. After I get home I’m going to put on some Law and Order on my TV and stay in bed all day. My parents were talking about maybe heading to our local mall after they pick up Ashley and I but who knows.

Friday, March 15, 2019

A Long Way Gone 🗺

     The book that I am reading for book clubs is called ‘A Long Way Gone’ and so far it’s pretty good. It follows the story of Ishmael Beah and his fight for survival in a civil war in Sierra Leone. It’s a really interesting so far.My book club members are Mathew, Alex and Juelz.

     Our conversations in book clubs are going good so far. We go around and talk about our book and try to keep the conversation going for as long as possible until we go on to the next person.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Trip to Chuck E Chesse (SOL19)

    On Sunday, my family and I went to Chuck E Cheeses but ma and my sister did not find out until we were almost there. As soon as we pulled up to the parking lot, Ashley started screaming at the top of her lungs in excitement. I thought she was actually pass out because she was starting to become blue. As we made our way to the door and Ashley was skipping her way to the door as a huge smile took up more than half of her face. When we were in the line to get stamped, Ashley started doing a cute little dance in excitement. My parents and I started laughing as Ashley made up heart little dances as she went on.

Friday, March 8, 2019

Close call (SOL 19)

     Yesterday, we had a very close game. It was the their game, the tie braker. Our team won the first game and the other team won the next, going up to about 30 because we kept meeting at a tie.For every time we don’t call the ball and/or go for it, we get a tally, and for each tall we get, in practice, that is the amount of sets of suicides that we have to do. We were so close to 15 until the other team started catching up with us. 14 to 12. We got the final point from one of our teammates spikeing  the ball.

Monday, February 25, 2019

A Very Windy Trip (SOL19)

     It was a regular Sunday morning. My mom, sister and I were sprawled around the house. 
“What do we need from Walmart?” Asked mom
“We need a lot of things, like food shampoo, dog food and a lot more.” I replied 
“Okay, tell Ashley to get ready.” 

      After a good 20 minutes, we were all ready to go. On the car ride there, Ashley was screaming/singing along with the music coming from the radio. After 10 minuets, we got there. It was difficult to find a parking spot but even harder to open the door. It was so windy, it was very difficult to open the door because the wind was putting pressure on the right side of the car, making it only difficult for me. We were only able to get a parking spot at about the end of the parking lot. So it would take a while to get there. It was so windy to the point where my mom and i had to hold on tightly to Ashley. At some points it felt like Ashley was going to fly away like a plastic bag. I had to hold her hood so it would not fly back. We were about half way there. 
“Are we almost there?” Asked Ashley as she was fixing her glasses because the mighty wind knocked them of her face. As we got close to the main entrance, we started sprinting.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Post 2 blog post

I’m not sure where to post them but I’m just going to post them here but I’m doing this on my phone so I’m just going to type them on here.

Hold on fast to dreams
For us dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That can not fly.

Hold on fast to dreams
For when dreams go
Life is a barren field
Frozen with snow

No matter what happens
I have no expectations
Only control over how I want to feel
So no matter what happens
I know I will have a great time

3 positives of the week

This blog post is overdue,like really overdue to the point that Ms.Haury was concerned. I can barley remember what I had for dinner last night so I’m just going to make up the 3 positives for whatever week this was due with this week. Number one, I got ice cream but I got it on my shirt because it was melting and it was 97 degrees today. Number two, I got to sleep for a good ten hours. I went to sleep like at one and woke up at eleven. Number three, I went to party city and got a couple of things that I need for social studies. I know it’s supposed to be three but I got five so, I’m just gonna add those on here. Number four I got to eat some cheeseburgers. They were really good, my dad made them. Number five,texted my friends. And that’s all I got.

Map testing

Map testing, one of the most stressful and restless week for a student. I don’t really like map testing or any type of testing for that matter. But we “have” to take it because it is quote on quote “very important”. It is important but it’s the week that I really do stress about and try my best and then remember that is I don’t go up that my parents might take my phone away. But I actually did a pretty good job if I do say myself. I went up on my math and the last test. I forgot which one the last one is but I did go up. But I didn’t do so hot on the second test. But I did go up  and I get to go to the insentive!

Favorite song

My favorite song is ‘Lucid Dreams’ by Juice World. This song (I think) talked about one of his past relationships. And in the song he kinda hints why it might have ended. In the song there is a part that says “I can not change you so I must replace you” which is him saying that because his ex was not the person that he thought she was, but because of not being able to change a person he has to leave her and move on. I like that song because it kinda reminds me of some of events that I have had to deal with. We all at some point have had a fake friend. Someone that  pretense to be your friend but only after opening up to them, they back stab you.

Blog post #47

I like this poem because it is very brutaly honest in a type of way. In the poem it is discribing two characters that both have something that they have in common but both hide it. This just shows their Insecurities that they have. But that they should not be disappointed about but proud of. And that they should not hide it.Because it might even lead them to happiness. But if you dont show them it might help you lose your chance in happiness and leave you lonely.Thats what I love about this poem.

A trip to the mall (SOL 19)

     My family and I went to the mall on Saturday. We got there at about six. We did our usual shop as we did every week end. When I was don...